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  • Soda tax boosts retail prices of sugary drinks, study confirms October 7, 2015
    A new study addresses questions about the efficacy of a voter-approved soda tax passed in 2014. Voters in Berkeley approved the first excise tax in the country on sugar-sweetened beverages, but questions soon arose about whether the move would have its desired effect by increasing the retail price of soda. The latest signs say yes.
  • Metabolic syndrome leads one in three Americans to need more vitamin E October 7, 2015
    New research shows that the estimated one-third of Americans who have a cluster of health problems that add up to metabolic syndrome don't absorb dietary vitamin E as effectively as healthy people.

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    September RIAND Board Meeting
    Thursday, October 15, 2015
    6-7:30 PM
    (7:30 PM 5k Health Expo Meeting)
    Kent Hospital
    Doctors’ Auditorium

    (Take the Service Entrance off Toll Gate Rd, park in the lot up the hill, hospital entrance is on the left, Doctors’ Auditorium is on the right as soon as you enter)