Dr. Kathleen Laquale

Dr. Kathleen Laquale now lives in Rehoboth, MA but she lived and worked most of her life in RI, which is why she declared RIAND as her affiliate state. Dr. Laquale has been teaching athletic training and nutrition at Bridgewater State University since 1997.  Prior to that appointment, she was the first female Head Athletic Trainer at RI College for 15 years and the first Head Women’s Athletic Trainer at Providence College for 8 years.

Dr. Laquale joined the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1990 during the first year of her doctoral work in nutrition at URI. Kathleen became actively involved with RIAND two years ago and says she never looked back.

“The RIAND executive board and members really made me feel welcome as I started attending the various RIAND functions over the two years.  For me, the field of nutrition has become a second career and once again by “getting involved” with RIAND, it has provided opportunities for me to “give back” to the organization as a guest speaker or by helping on a committee.  As I look to retire from teaching in two years, I will still be a member of RIAND beyond my retirement years. Why? As I always tell my students “The benefit of education is that you never stop learning”.  Being involved with RIAND will help me continue to grow academically and professionally for I still have so many questions and I never want to stop learning.” – Dr. Kathleen Laquale